Hello friends,

I am excited to announce the publication of my new book: UnSHACKled: Facing Suffering with the REAL Jesus. It is available now on Amazon as a Kindle book and a paperback. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AMAZON PAGE AND ORDER (or click on the picture below)

UnSHACKled: Facing Suffering with the REAL Jesus

“The Shack” is one of the most popular ‘Christian’ books ever written, seemingly helping and comforting millions…BUT – is it good medicine? Do books like The Shack (and other offerings of pop-culture Christianity) actually give real, biblical and genuinely comforting answers to us when we walk through painful tragedies? THERE IS A BETTER ANSWER.

This book will help you evaluate The Shack and other popular works of Christian culture in light of the always-true, always relevant Word of God. In UnSHACKled, you will find incredible hope and comfort. If you have suffered the death of a loved one, or sickness, depression, anxiety, fear, or addiction, you will be astonished by how God’s son Jesus is PRACTICALLY the answer that you need to endure and overcome.
Do we need a new answer for suffering, or are the answers and hope found in The Bible far better than we could have ever dreamed? Read UnSHACKled and be comforted by what Jesus has done for you, what Jesus is doing for you, and what He will do for you when He returns.

The second half of the book of the book is almost completely focused on the HOPE and encouragement that comes in Jesus, and what He has done for us in the manger, on the cross, on the Emmaus road, on His throne and on His warhorse. Whether you liked “The Shack” or not, I believe this part of the book will be a blessing and joy to you.

I read The Shack in just three days, and was moved to tears more than a dozen times while reading. It was an easy to connect with book, and I enjoyed it. However, when The Shack is held up to the light of truth from the Bible, God’s Word, it becomes clear that the book contains many troubling errors and false depictions of God. If you loved The Shack – I get it! I was moved and entertained by the book too…BUT – the truth of God’s answer for suffering, found in the Bible, is far more comforting and compelling than anything in The Shack. Don’t take my word for it, however – read UnSHACKled and compare what The Shack says to what the Bible says. You will discover the truth for yourself, and in the process learn how to evaluate other Christian movies, books, preachers and teachings in light of the solid bedrock truth of God’s Word.