Christian Books and Music: 

Today’s Featured Book is:  Exalting Jesus in Galatians (Part of the Christ Centered Exposition Commentary Series)  $.99   Ninety-nine cents is an amazing deal for a commentary, especially with the print version retailing for $11.99.  I bought this book a few months ago, and consider it an excellent commentary for Bible teachers and students alike. Not a scholarly, original language commentary, Platt and Merida still go deep into the text and do so in a way that points strongly to Jesus. You might hear the word “commentary,” and think “dry and dusty and studious,” but this work is different. Highly recommended. Some of the other volumes in this series are on sale too. (CLICK HERE) 

Tony Merida and David Platt on Galatians

Tony Merida and David Platt on Galatians

Jesus, Justice and Gender Roles: Kathy Keller  $1.99  Kathy Keller, wife of pastor and author Tim Keller, here writes an excellent book that makes a case for a variety of gender roles in ministry. Despite being raised in a gender-neutral household that did not differentiate between men’s and women’s roles, Keller has come to adopt a different view, and articulates it in a winsome and biblical way here.

White: The Circle Series by Ted Dekker  $1.99  This is the THIRD book in Dekker’s Circle Series. (Black, Red, White, Green), and it is one of my favorite Christian novels of all time. If you like fantasy and sci-fi, you’ll probably enjoy the Circle Series. (Note: this is not of the crime/suspense genre like much of Dekker’s other work)


FREEBIE OF THE DAY: When Trials Come. Resurrection Songs for A World of Suffering by Various Artists at a recent Gospel Coalition Gathering, including: Sandra McCracken, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Jenny and Tyler, Shane and Shane, The Village Church Worship Band, Indelible Grace, Page CXVI and many more. The entire album is able to be downloaded FREE!

Disciplines of a Godly Man by Richard Kent Hughes  $2.99 This is a deep and excellent book on the Spiritual disciplines that I highly recommend. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Hughes address my seminary class several years ago and was very impressed with him as a speaker and pastor.

The Ambition, By Lee Strobel.  $1.99 – I know Lee Strobel as an excellent apologetics writer and non-fiction guy, but this is a fiction novel. Haven’t read it yet, but it has great reviews on Amazon and is marked down to  a great price. Probably worth a look!

Other Books and Deals

This is a great value on TOOTHBRUSHES, of all things. Be SURE and CLIP the 30% off coupon!

The Smokefree Way: Read Your Way to Stop Smoking.  FREE!   Well, of all of my many bad habits, smoking has never been near the top of the list, so I don’t know how to evaluate if this is a good book or not, but it is FREE for today…so maybe check it out.

The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries by Dorothy Sayers – THREE Volumes. $2.99  Sayers is one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. An excellent wordsmith, and oft-quoted by pastor and author Tim Keller. These books are classics and available at an excellent price!   P.S. – Is there a more British name than Lord Peter Wimsey…ever?  I expect that he has tea about ten times a day.  Look at the picture below…he is looking right at the tea table, and thinking about whether or not he wants two crumpets or three!     😉


“I will also have a bit of clotted cream with my crumpets, if you don’t mind.”