I am one of the co-hosts of the long running Christian theology and humor podcast called “The Gospel Friends,” which is a (mostly) weekly podcast that has a good time while talking about interesting issues  of faith, biblical conundrums and pastoral advice. We have a good time on the show and try to be faithful to biblical truth, while also being a bit irreverent with nearly everything else. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes BY CLICKING HERE. Since most of the shows are actually pretty long, you can also listen to a brief (less than 20 minutes long) excerpt from one of our recent shows. The following clip is from episode 97 of the show (called, “Dr. Dre Is a Medical Doctor That Makes Music in His Spare Time!”) and is a discussion of an exchange that pastor and author Joshua “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” Harris had with a few Twitter critics recently. Does Harris actually apologize for writing his bestselling book?  Do we think he should apologize? Listen in to find out – AND to get the answer to the question: “What is the most ignored command in the New Testament? Hint: It’s repeated FIVE times, and almost every Christian in the West completely ignores it.

Episode 97 of The Gospel Friends

Featuring: David “Rev. Verbiage’ McConnell, Chase “Captain Crunchy” Thompson, Immanuel “The General” Marsh.




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