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Does God still heal? How can we know that Jesus REALLY rose from the dead? Should every Christian actually fast? Hit the button to be challenged with interesting Bible questions and answers that actually impact everyday living.

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Weekly video and audio show where we tackle some big questions with an aim for biblical truth and a bit of fun. Broadcast on Facebook Live and Periscope and as an audio podcast on iTunes. Check this page to subscribe and watch the videos!

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Adventures in Theology Blog

Tackling the big questions about faith, church and the Bible without stuffy theological jargon or heavy-handed brow-beating. Click the circle for more…

Adventures in Theology Show (Podcast+Video)

Weekly show where we tackle some big, important biblical questions in a plain spoken way with a dash of humor and edge. +Other interesting videos.

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Releasing Summer of 2016, “Yes! God Still Heals.” is a book that takes a biblical look at sickness, prayer, faith and healing. Other books coming soon also.