Daily Kindle and Amazon Deals - Special C.S. Lewis Edition!

Daily Kindle and Amazon Deals – Special C.S. Lewis Edition!

Frank Peretti: The Visitation  $.99  While I don’t agree with all of Peretti’s theology, I do very much enjoy him as a Christian fiction writer. This book is essentially an updated version of This Present Darkness, and has loads of spiritual warfare, angels and demons, a burned out minister and much more. (Read this work and with a Bible nearby so that you can base your theology of the spirit world on the Word of God and not a fictional book!)


Out of the Silent Planet (Space Trilogy, Book 1) by C.S. Lewis: $2.99  Speaking of Christian Fiction, Have you read his Space Trilogy? If not – TODAY IS YOUR CHANCE! The book, normally in the $10 range, is discounted on Amazon to $2.99, and is an amazing bit of science fiction and philosophy. Quite different from the Narnia books, but still a fascinating read, Out of the Silent Planet  follows Dr. Elwin Ransom’s journey to Mars, and his return to earth. Interestingly, Dr. Ransom is a philologist, just like Lewis, and there might be quite a bit of autobiographical notes to the character of Ransom, although Lewis himself stated that Ransom was based on his friend J.R.R. Tolkien. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (But keep in mind that this trilogy was written before the moon landing, so its scientific knowledge is a bit dated)


The Narnian by Alan Jacobs: $1.99  Here is another excellent and highly rated biography of C.S. Lewis, the creator of Narnia, as well as a prolific writer of theology and apologetics books. One of the finest writers to ever live, Lewis is presented in this work as a very deep man with several complex relationships. Of particular note here is a discussion of the friendship between Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien – a friendship that was very nearly destroyed by Lewis’ marriage to a woman that Tolkien did not (at first) approve of. This book is thematic in presentation, rather than chronological, which makes for an easy way to look up particular subjects important to Lewis’ life and writing.

While we are on the subject of C.S. Lewis, why not pick up a FREE C.S. Lewis book?  Here is his FIRST published book: Spirits in Bondage, A Cycle of Lyrics: FREE.  This is a book of short poems, 40 in total, written by Lewis prior to turning 21. Lewis was not a religious man at the time, and was not nearly the accomplished writer that he would become, but it is fun to trace the development of his writing and the major themes that he tackled by looking at the very beginning.

FREE!! Here’s today’s Freebie of the Day for you Budding Apologists, Seminarians and others who like to deeply study the Word: Putting Jesus In His Place, The Case for the Deity of Christ by J. Ed Komoszewski and Robert Bowman.  Strange title, I know, but this is a 392 page book, normally retailing for nearly $20.00 that examines the case from Scripture for considering Jesus Christ to be fully God. Bowman and Komoszewski do an excellent job here of scripturally demonstrating the deity of Christ and showing the weakness of conspiracy theory like claims made by books like the Da Vinci Code and such. Highly recommended!

Freebie of the Day - Jesus in His Place

Freebie of the Day – Jesus in His Place

The “Complete” Father Brown Mysteries by G.K. Chesterton: $.99 – While these aren’t actually the complete collection of Father Brown mysteries, there is quite a bit here – almost 300 pages worth. Chesterton can be rightly thought of as a Catholic version of C.S. Lewis. He was an excellent fiction writer and an able apologetics writer. These mysteries are delightful and well worth reading.

Other Books and Deals


The Shakespeare Book, Big Ideas Simply Explained, $1.99 – Do you (or a student in your life) struggle to grasp the complexities of Shakespeare’s works? Here is an excellent, highly visual book that would be absolutely ideal to explain Shakespeare to a new generation of students that are much more apt to learn via infographics than long and dense paragraphs of instruction.

Shakespeare Big Ideas Kindle Deal

Shakespeare Big Ideas Kindle Deal

The Warriors Series by Erin Hunter is on Sale Today for Kindle! $4.99-$6.99  My teenage daughter loves these books, but do note that they contain a fair amount of cat on cat violence. Stop cat on cat violence!


For Budding Writers: Write Time: Guide to the Creative Process, from Vision through Revision-and Beyond, by Kenneth Atchity, is only $1.99 today, and is very highly reviewed.

Lego Medium Box – Great Deal! $23.99  As an expert Lego buyer, I know that, when you can get Legos for under 10 cents a piece, you’ve found a decent deal. This medium box, on sale today through Amazon for $10.00 off, checks in at less than 5 cents per piece!! (484 pieces for $23.99)


Amazing Lego Amazon Deal

Amazing Lego Amazon Deal